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No Country For Small Business

The 10% desires to make slaves out of all he can, So that he can rob them and live in luxury.

21% of All US Dollars Were Printed in 2020

More than $3 trillion has been created in 2020 alone, which means that almost 20 percent of all existing USD has been created this year If the U.S. debt-to-GDP ratio remains distorted, that would ultimately be unsustainable, according to a Congressional Budget Office report. How long the U.S. can sustain… Read more »

Black Entrepreneur Launches Online Classes Teaching African Yoruba Language and Culture

Lande Sanusi, founder of Yoruba Basics®, a virtual cultural and language school dedicated to connecting Black people to their African heritage and legacy, has launched its collection of fall 2020 online courses that are now open for registration. With educational offerings for children, teens, and adults, Yoruba Basics’ interactive courses will… Read more »

Black Lawyer Launches Low-Cost Program to Teach Entrepreneurs How to Protect Their Brand

Small, disadvantaged businesses that are concerned about the legal fees associated with intellectual property and the thought of having their ideas stolen, can now get help from a new program launched by LeTonya F. Moore, Esq., Managing Partner of Southern Regional Law Group, LLC, a Black-owned brand protection firm that has extended… Read more »